Legend of the Shadows

 Tribute to the legendary Shadows.


Legend of the Shadows (The Shadows)
Based in Nth. Ireland.
 Category:  Tribute Show.
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Ireland, International.


In the 1960s music was redefined through the raw energy of the enthusiastic  youth. The Legendary Shadows created a musical style of their own based on creativity and excellent musicianship. Many of their songs have gone on to be instantly recognisable classics forty years on from the bands hayday.

Since the sixties there has never been a instrumental band like the Legendary Shadows. Many guitarist have tried to emulate the great Hank Marvin. 

The sound he created has been unmatched for over forty years. The sound was first played on a number 1 record all those years ago and is still recognised as one of the greatest guitar instrumentals, that tune was Apache. 

Now a young teenager Chris Braniff has stepped forward and confounded many people with his style and sound which is truly HanK Marvin. Many of his peers have titled him "The Young Shadow"  Hank Marvin himself after hearing him play sent him a personal message to congratulate him on his great talent. On a recent BBC radio show music Guru Paul Gambaccini said "it's truly uncanny, he really sounds like Hank Marvin I am amazed" Chris is now staring in his own show  "Relive the legend of the Shadows" 

This is a fast moving show featuring great hits like Apache, Wonderful Land, Kon Tiki, Foottapper plus many more, also featuring great songs like The Young Ones, Summer Holiday, Please Don't Tease, Singin The Blues, Don't Talk To Him etc.

On stage Chris has his band The Shadowmen. The Show features 2x1Hr spots with a fifteen minute break. So sit back and enjoy this young virtuoso on guitar as he takes you back in time to the great era of the sixties.


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